Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs, I Walk These Streets Alone, #2 - The Lyrics

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs

I Walk These Streets Alone

#2 - The Lyrics

“I walk these streets alone, freezing to the bone,
The scorching sun affords me only light.
My dead heart, wrecked from pain, will never beat again,
The skin around my frame is warped and dry.”

I felt like a dead man walking…

That’s the truth, and I have to say it honestly.

Just like “Walk Upon The Water”, this songs lyrics came from a dark place, one I tried not to become accustomed to, and one I never intended to live in.

“Why do I walk these streets alone?” is a line that came from the feeling of dread that I was married, yet walking the earth alone somehow.

The lyrics are straightforward throughout the piece, and as I said previously, the song remains today as originally penned several years ago.

The ending, “now the only question left is...WHY?” is supposed to show the sheer pointlessness of looking for meaning or reason or explanation.  

Probably my darkest song to date, and hopefully the darkest ever, I am glad to have written and released this piece, because it allowed me to finally express what I never shared publicly with anyone.  And hopefully, my experience, and my willingness to be real, will help others say what they feel.

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