Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs, Breaking Glasses, #4 - The Recording

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs

Breaking Glasses

#4 - The Recording 

I’m breaking out of my format with this entry, because I have so much to say about this song.  It really is a pivotal moment for me, both musically and personally.

When I began writing this song, I really had no idea how it would resonate in me, and in others.   So many people who have heard it already have said how much they like it, and how it speaks to them.

And that, I guess, is the point.  

I want to write songs and music that add to the experience of life in some way.  

Maybe my songs makes you think, or reconsider.  Maybe they make you dance and enjoy life. Maybe they represent to you that you are not alone in the universe, someone shares the same feelings.  Maybe they help you move on from a problem.

With that said, when I recorded this song, I was looking to make a straight-ahead, big sound, raw almost.

At the very beginning, I leave the sound of me getting ready to play the guitar line, just so it feels more live, more like I am right with you, playing and singing.

I end the song with “I am my father’s son,” to remind me and you that we come from somewhere.  It’s OK. 

After all is said and done, this song represents the place where I began to fully embrace who I am.  And that I am prepared to live life as me. And that with Kerrie, I will live MY life. You know, the one I see in the mirror.

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