Friday, June 12, 2020

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs, Breaking Glasses, #1 - The Music

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs

Breaking Glasses

#1 - The Music 

When I was a kid, Queen was a very popular band.  Today, it seems, even moreso.

There was always one song that stood out to me for the very first Queen album, “Now I’m Here.”  It had the quintessential Queen vibe in every way. Particularly to me, the one thing that made an impression was Brian May playing a straight D chord for so long, then dropping the chord with the melody after what seemed an eternity.

I have often sat around playing those opening chords throughout life.  It is a simple pattern. Straightforward. Unassuming.

I guess that it shouldn’t surprise me, or you, that I began playing a variation on that theme throughout the years.  However, I did make it unique to me.

It really is nothing new.  Guitar players have played D chord dropping to a C in the bass, descending next to the B in the bass and then on to A chord for years.  This was just my version.

Of course, as is most often the case, on one particular occasion, at the beginning of 2017, I started to sing some words and a melody that had lurked there for years.  The more I sang that line and played that pattern, the more I heard in my mind where this song was going.  

And it did.  It resolved to the G chord for the chorus, although I wasn’t sure what words were about to come, I knew the structure that had to happen to support my melody.  Of course, in the moment that I sang “I’m so tired of breaking glasses,” I knew I was onto something pretty special to me.

And I will tell you that story next time!

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