Friday, June 5, 2020

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs, I Walk These Streets Alone, #1 - The Music

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs

I Walk These Streets Alone

#1 - The Music 

I love the feel, the sounds, the length, the abandon, the experimentation, the breadth of Pink Floyd songs.  Always have.

Always will.

As I sat feeling depressed, years ago, while on a week away with my (ex)wife, I idly, mindlessly strummed a somewhat familiar pattern on the guitar.  Something slow, haunting, empty feeling, dead somehow.  

The song “I Walk These Streets Alone” pretty much wrote itself like so many of the other songs.  I sat, played, sang…

This song ended up being such a depressing song, but adequately created the feeling I had at the time.

The songs remains as originally conceived, lyrics and chord patterns, as I quickly recorded many years ago, but I never fully developed it.  How could I, without giving away what I truly felt at a time I was not prepared to?

After years of a sketch eating up space on my hard drive, I pulled this song out, listened to my inner orchestra, and set out to bring to bear all that I had in me.  Footsteps in the dark, a distant choir singing, twangly guitar playing, growing tension and huge, stadium-style sound and lead guitar, accompanied by my mind’s eye seeing a light show with video montage of a lonely, vampirish man, trudging through life.

After several days of playing, recording, arranging, singing and layering sound up on sound, I was excited to share it with Kerrie when she came home from work one night.

She sat, mesmerized, maybe even dumbfounded, at the barrage of sound and the scope of what I had created.

She told me almost immediately, “I didn’t like this song when you played it at the show the other night, but THIS is awesome!”

High praise, and I’ll take it as a job well done.

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