Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Walk Upon The Water - The Video, #1 - The Tie-In

Walk Upon The Water - The Video

#1 - The Tie-In

When I was talking with my good friend, Jeremy, about my songs and the album, we decided that he would listen to the new tracks and give me some feedback.  So, as I got demos done, then more accomplished in every song, Jeremy would listen critically and give me some feedback.

One day, I finally sent the first demo mix of Walk Upon The Water.  This is a song I wrote during my former marriage that I never really completed.  It is about feeling like someone expects you to be perfect, even TELLS you that you are perfect, insisting on it, though they never really accept it, and you being afraid to admit that you are not.  The end line is “I drown in my sorrow that I do not know how to walk upon the water.”

So, Jeremy listens to this demo and gives me a call, insisting that it is a wonderful song, that it should be the title track to the album AND that he would like to shoot the music video for it, because he has already seen what he wants it to be.  We discuss it, and though I am not totally sure, I trust my friend and his creativity to guide me well here.

So, the decision is made early on, before I’ve even finished all of the music and mixes, that this one song will be title track and have a video. 

I finished the mix as soon as possible for a final to shoot video to, and went to Michigan and stayed with Jeremy and his family for 5 days.  In this time we were very busy doing photo shoots, interviews, a live unplugged concert of the album songs, and all of the video shooting.

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