Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Walk Upon The Water - The Album, #1 - Concept Album

Walk Upon The Water - The Album

#1 - Concept Album

It began with a couple of songs, then blossomed quickly into a whole concept album.  

I had been writing some songs for the first time in quite a while, when I got an opportunity to play at an original music festival.  I needed a solid 45 minute set, but only had around 20 minutes of material that I could feel good about playing live. I sat down to see what would come out, and quickly some ideas formed.  

My process varies from song to song, but normally I sing or play into my iPhone, into the program Voice Memos.  Ideas, snippets, thoughts, whatever comes out, when I am in the living room playing guitar, or sitting in traffic humming a tune, or whatever.

So, I began to have enough solid material to feel good about playing the festival, and I put a 3 piece band together to flesh it all out for a live show.  When rehearsing the new songs, the drummer, my dear friend Matt LoMaglio says, “You know, if you put these songs in the right order, they tell your story.”  And when I sat down and looked it over, he was absolutely right. From the frustration of my previous marriage, through the joys of my children, my continued commitment and dissolution in marriage, to a new relationship and renewed outlook on life, it was all there.

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