Friday, May 29, 2020

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs, Will You Still Be Mine Tonight, #3 - The Lyrics, Part One

Walk Upon The Water - About The Songs

Will You Still Be Mine Tonight

#3 - The Lyrics, Part One

“Will you still be mine tonight?”  

Words that I really meant, in spite of the difficulties in my marriage at the time.

This song will always be a bittersweet reminder of difficult times in the past.  Some of my own failures, some of hers. All of ours.

How can you really know if you will stay married?

How can you really know if the person you are with really wants to be with you?

I guess you ask.

And I did…

With a cute little lyric in a cute little ukulele song.

Of course, the song progressed to become something bigger, but at the beginning, all there really was was some “do-do-do-do’s” and the chorus lyric, “Will you still be mine tonight?”

I remember that she had gone away to visit family out of state.  We had another fight before she left. It wasn’t good.  

I didn’t really know if she would stay away (again), or come home.  So, I sent her a rough mix of a ukulele, some whistling, and the chorus.

She came home…

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